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Publications in 2019 2020/01/03
NumberTitleAuthorsJournal5-Year IF1Local auxin biosynthesis mediates plant growth and developmentLv Bingshe...
Publications in 2018 2019/01/29
NumberTitleAuthorsJournal5-Year IF1From Genetic Stock to Genome Editing: Gene Exploitation in WheatWang M, ...
Publications in 2017 2018/05/07
NumberTitleAuthorsJournal5-Year IF1Leucine repeat adaptor protein 1 interacts with Dishevelled to regulate ...
Publications in 2016 2017/01/06
NumberTitleAuthorsJournal5-Year IF126S Proteasome: Hunter and Prey in Auxin Signaling.Kong X, Zhang L, Ding...
Publications in 2015 2016/12/26
Number Title Authors Journal 5-Year IF 1 WOX5 is Shining in the Root Stem Cell Niche Kong X, Lu S, Tian H, ...
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